Wireless TV speakers for quality movie and music enjoyment

In recent years, there has been quite a lot of interest in wireless TV speakers or portable speakers that you can take with you almost anywhere. Of course, the actual choice of suitable speakers for indoors always depends on what you really expect from them and how much money you want to invest in them. Let’s take a brief look at how to choose speakers like these and what features to demand at all costs.

Wireless TV speakers that will impress you with their design and use

Wireless TV speakers should not only look good, they should also fulfil their purpose, which is to play music or movies in relatively good quality. However, there are types of speakers that meet both criteria, namely being elegant, i.e. looking good and offering perfect sound at the same time. With these speakers, you should focus primarily on high performance and perfect sound in your room. These speakers are often powered primarily by mains electricity, but you can also get speakers with a battery.

What should you be most interested in with wireless TV speakers?

First and foremost, you should be interested in their performance. This is one of the most important parameters in general. It is true that the higher the power of a given speaker, the larger the area it can cover with quality sound, which is distorted only minimally The power of these devices is roughly up to 10 W. However, the larger ones have an input of about 11 to 30 W. If we talk about home speakers, they have a power of 31 W above. For portable speakers, the maximum is 500 W.

The speakers can be connected to a laptop or smartphone

You should always want a little more from your speakers. This means that before you get wireless speakers for your TV, you should also think about whether these speakers can also be connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptop without the need for any additional cables. This is only possible with the bluetooth function, which has a range of up to about 10 metres in the open field. Among other things, the highly advanced wireless speakers can even pair several devices at once.

You can easily connect the speaker to your home network

If your chosen wireless speaker has an Ethernet port or built-in Wi-Fi, it can be connected to your home network very easily. The advantage is that you can conveniently stream high-quality tracks, for example in MP3 format, in almost any source that will be connected to this network. This could be your laptop, NAS device or smartphone, for example. Modern speaker models often have both bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity.

Speakers with multi-room function are popular

Speakers that have a multi-room function can connect two speakers together to create a very high quality stereo playback of your sound. They can also be connected in several rooms at once. The more speakers you have at home, the better sound you will bring to your house or apartment. This will allow you to enjoy home cinema from your couch.

Photo by Lynn Vdbr on Unsplash

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