How to work effectively and from the comfort of your home office

How to work effectively and from the comfort of your home office

The Home Office used to be a welcome benefit of many professions. However, the coronavirus pandemic sent a significant number of employees to work from home where this was possible. Not everyone was ready for that. How to do an effective home office?

Prioritize your home office

Working from home can save time because it doesn’t require a morning rush or a busy commute, but it also throws many people into a ruthless carousel of procrastination.

For effective work on the home office, it is necessary above all to have a suitable organization and sorting of priorities. Create a to-do list and an approximate schedule of how long you can devote to them. Don’t forget to take breaks one block at a time. Francesco Cirillo, for example, claimed that we could only concentrate fully for about 15 minutes.

Think about whether you feel more productive in the morning or in the afternoon and determine the importance of each activity accordingly. If you are “fresh” in the morning, rush to the most demanding work right away. Group similar tasks together, that is, for example, take over mail at the same time.

Take advantage of the fact that at home you can customize your work to your needs and it is not necessary to look back on your colleagues. For example, if you have to communicate with others as part of your work, determine when they can call you so that even these responsibilities don’t disturb your focus.

Forget multitasking while working from home

Forget multitasking. First of all, make it clear that you are at work now and you only have to deal with it. You really can’t run to get your laundry out of the washing machine, check social media or go walk your dog. These are stimuli that only unnecessarily splies your attention.

If you have a family to adapt to, let them know that you have responsibilities. They should understand and not disturb you. Play fairy tales for children and do not blame yourself for not paying enough attention to your children. Peace and concentration are important, you will make up for your absence later on.

That it is advisable to do only one thing properly applies to the work itself. Having several tasks in progress at once does not lead to productivity, on the contrary. Maybe he can help you write down your duties on paper and tick them off one by one.

home office is a new trend

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Create a routine even if you don’t go to work

During the home office, many people tend to lose all habits, and with some exaggeration, many do not even take off their pyjamas.

After all, the fact that you’re home in sweatpants certainly can’t outrage anyone. However, it is advisable to create a similar routine as if you were at work. That means getting up at the same time, getting breakfast and sitting down to work.

It doesn’t hurt to set aside comfortable homewear that looks at least a little nice. Ladies can even make up decently. You don’t have to sit at home in a suit and pumps, but similar habits will help your everyday life deliver order and better separate work from privacy.

Regular life management should be part of your daily home office routine. If you start the day with a coffee and a cigarette, skip lunch and make up for the deficit with sweets in the evening, you are at least suffering from obesity or other health problems.

Get a suitable job for your home office

In an office, most people don’t have to deal with anything like that. They have a place where there is a table, chairs, computer and other facilities. You definitely don’t need to buy new office furniture for your living room.

A similar improvised office should ideally be arranged at home. If possible, take the calmest place you can out of the apartment. Also, clean up on the table, the dirty mug from last night and the pile of papers are not a harmonious enough environment in which we would feel good and be able to work effectively.

Our health is also related to the subjective feeling of comfort. Also pay attention to ergonomics of work. If your back starts to hurt in a short time, your performance will also be negative. Therefore, it is worth investing in a comfortable office chair. Working with a laptop on your lap looks comfortable, but you can probably only practice it for a while. For all-day work with a computer, a quality office chair or office chair is absolutely essential.

Comfortable and healthy seating will provide a suitable office chair Do you spend most of your time sitting at your computer? A suitably chosen office chair can help with proper posture and reduces pain manifested in the back area. Health chairs or work chairs can play a similar role, and what about the workbench? The height-adjustable positioning table is the right choice.

The height of the desk should optimally be about 75 cm. At the same time, they must provide enough space for work, therefore the width of the board should be about 160 cm. At the table, we sit with our backs upright so that we have a right angle between the thigh and the calf. The same applies to the position of the arm and forearm. The advantage can be a positioning table, where you can alternately sit and stand during your work.

Work appropriately on your home office

Working on a home office is not easy and not suitable for everyone. It requires a great deal of personal responsibility. But it can get out of hand. Some workers will quite easily fall for the fact that the line between private and working life is virtually wiped out.

People in the home office tend to work all the time. But long-term overload and lack of relaxation will soon take their toll. Excessive stress load leads to a decrease in performance, a person becomes tired, irritated, suffers from headaches, palpitations, observes increased muscle tension, and in extreme cases can also be threatened by burnout syndrome.

Therefore, you should also shut down your computer at a specified time and not be permanently occupied by incoming mail and notifications. Try to get away from work and come up with other ideas. Get out of your chair and go for a workout or take a walk outside.

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