How to arrange a working corner in the living room in any conditions

How to arrange a working corner in the living room

You can arrange the work corner in the living room as an unobtrusive part of the room, as well as make it an interesting element. Find out what options you have in its placement and how to arrange the work area.

What equipment you should have in your work area

While you won’t need all the equipment of a full office, there are some pieces of equipment you shouldn’t leave out. So a living room work area should definitely have a large enough worktop to fit your computer, files, and even drinks and small snacks. A comfortable chair, whether you put it in from the dining table or use a chair ideally suited to the height of the work surface, should match the other furniture in the living room.

Don’t forget to add storage to the desk or its surroundings, as it’s better to keep everything hidden away in a living room study. You can also achieve a cleaner look if you solve the electricity supply in the work area with sockets directly in the wall instead of extension cords. In addition to your laptop or computer, you’ll also need to plug in a lamp. Adequate lighting is also key for a work area, so plan on an additional lamp designed specifically for work.

A work corner in the living room doesn’t have to be tucked away in a corner

Are you short on space in your living room or can you afford to divide it into several zones? Take inspiration for your work area placement with the following ideas:

  • Put your work desk behind the couch

For sofas in the middle of the room, a work area can be created by moving the desk right up to the sofa. This makes the whole room feel more cohesive and the work area more unobtrusive.

  • A worktop as part of a bookcase

If you’re short on space and your workspace doesn’t need to be very large, you can use the space in a shelving system or bookcase. Simply add a suitable chair and, if necessary, extend your work “desk” on the shelf with a larger desk. You also have the advantage of having everything to hand on the surrounding shelves.

  • Make use of an unused corner

An unoccupied corner or space off to the side in the entrance area is an ideal location for a work area in the living room. A corner workbench fits the bill, making the most of the space and not getting in the way. Very small spaces can be made lighter with a folding worktop mounted on a wall or cabinet.

  • Separate the workspace

If you don’t like the sight of a work corner in the living room, you can hide it away. The easiest way is to drill curtain rails into the ceiling around it. A screen or a cleverly built bookcase can also help. But in this case, bear in mind that it can feel cramped.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash