Comfortable and healthy seating at the desk will provide a suitable office chair

A suitable office chair will provide a comfortable and healthy sitting at the desk

Do you have a job where you spend most of your time sitting at your computer? Then it’s the turn of a suitably chosen office chair. The same is the case with the home office. A suitably chosen office chair can help with proper posture and even reduce the pain manifested in the back area.

Health chairs or work chairs can also play a similar role. We must not forget about the work desk, if possible, we choose a positioning table, the office table can also be height adjustable.

Office chair or office chair?

Sitting position is not a natural position for our body, it is also dangerous. It burdens the intervertebral discs. A suitably chosen office chair will not only help to reduce fatigue but also saves intervertebral discs and is gentle on our spine.

What’s the difference between an office chair and an office chair?

It is not possible to adjust the height of the backrest, the lumbar support, the depth of the seating and the headrest, and its backrest is very often quite wedged. An office chair is a good choice only for occasional computer work.

If it is possible to alternate seating, we can use tabouret. There is also a positioning stool that allows a different body position than the office chair.

Choosing an office chair

The first factor that affects the choice of an office chair is the time we spend on it. The equipment and mechanism may vary depending on individual preferences.

Among the important aspects that influence the choice of chair is mechanics. Ideal if it is synchronous. It offers suitable ergonomic properties. These include a flexible backrest that perfectly follows the back movements and tilting of the seat, so the chair can easily tilt according to our position. Another advantage is the fixed adjustment of the chair to a position that suits us.

Comfortable seating is ensured by the ergonomics of the lumbar support. This is mainly offered by a suitable curvature of the backrest. The more expensive office chair even has a lumbar backrest adjustable, making it easy to adjust its depth and height.

The dimensions of the chair also play a big role. These are influenced by our proportions. We should take into account not only our overall height, but also the length of our legs. The ideal choice is the adjustability of the seat height.

The material from which the chair cover is made also affects the comfortable seating. We should give preference to such a species, which is pererious and pleasant to the touch.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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